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Paper: Database of Instrumental Characteristics in a Real Observatory
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 543
Authors: Micol, A.; Sforna, D.
Abstract: The build of a central repository of the various characteristics of the science instrument contingent of HST and ESO Observatories is here illustrated. This repository, along with associated smart user interfaces, could become a fundamental tool for many and equally important reasons: for proposal preparation, or for archive research, and to help the various groups within the Observatory Operations (from the User Support to the Quality Control, down to the Archive) in their daily activities. The repository is central to many of the VO services that a data provider must develop (Access Protocols, Product Characterisation, etc.). While discussing the various problems a data provider has to solve on the way, an illustration of the first implementation is here shown. Indications on how this tool could be beneficial to the efficiency of the Observatory operations are given. Last but not least, applications in the Virtual Observatory context are suggested, especially with reference to Sforna et al. (2005).
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