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Paper: Theme Semester at the University of Michigan, The Universe: Yours to Discover
Volume: 400, Preparing for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy: A Hands-on Symposium
Page: 385
Authors: Murphy, S.; Oey, S.; Harris, A.
Abstract: The College of Literature, Science and the Arts (LSA) at the University of Michigan (UM) sponsors a Theme Semester Program, which highlights selected topics with interdisciplinary, campus-wide activities. Undergraduate students are the primary audience for the Theme Semesters, but there is also extensive outreach to the public community, as well as scholarly activities for faculty and graduate students. The International Year of Astronomy 2009 offers an ideal topic for this program, and the Dean of the College approved The Universe: Yours to Discover as the Winter 2009 Theme Semester, organized by the Department of Astronomy and the UM Exhibit Museum of Natural History. We plan a multi-faceted range of activities to generate a high-profile program that will link to the IYA2009 celebration. These include new courses, scholarly and public lecture series, a production of Brecht’s play, Galileo, exhibitions, and community outreach activities. The Theme Semester will showcase Astronomy as a science and cultural link for all humanity. Up-to-date information and links to resources are available at
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