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Paper: ASP Celebrates IYA, One Month at a Time
Volume: 400, Preparing for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy: A Hands-on Symposium
Page: 374
Authors: Gurton, S.; Berendsen, M.; Hurst, A.; White, V.
Abstract: Serving three major networks of educators, the ASP is working with NASA, NOAO, ASTC and others to build a comprehensive program to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009). By featuring a different astronomy theme during each month of 2009, we will provide a rich array of themed resources, such as demonstrations and activities, teleconferences, and news stories to the variety of educators served by the ASP. This poster will present our program of monthly themes, along with associated services and resources, to support the diverse public outreach efforts of the members of the NASA Night Sky Network, museum educators in Astronomy From the Ground Up, and teachers in grades K–12 including Project ASTRO National Network partners and subscribers to Universe in the Classroom.
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