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Paper: “Dark Skies are a Universal Resource” Programs Planned for the International Year of Astronomy
Volume: 400, Preparing for the 2009 International Year of Astronomy: A Hands-on Symposium
Page: 298
Authors: Walker, C.E.; Berglund, K.; Bueter, C.; Crelin, B.; Duriscoe, D.; Moore, C.; Gauthier, A.; Gay, P.L.; Foster, T.; Heatherly, S.A.; Maddalena, R.; Mann, T.; Patten, K.; Pompea, S.M.; Sparks, R.; Schaaf, F.; Simmons, M.; Smith, C.; Smith, M.; Tafreshi, B.
Abstract: In an effort to help more people appreciate the ongoing loss of a dark night sky for much of the world’s population and to raise public knowledge about diverse impacts of excess artificial lighting on local environments, the International Year of Astronomy’s Dark SkiesWorking Group has established six “Dark Skies” programs and six “Dark Skies” resources. The Dark Skies programs include GLOBE at Night (with Earth Hour), Astronomy Nights in the [National] Parks, Dark Skies Discovery Sites, Quiet Skies, Good Neighbor Lighting, and a digital photography contest. Resources include the light education toolkit, the “Let There Be Night” DVD and planetarium program, the 6-minute video, online
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