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Paper: IRAF Package for GNIRS Data Reduction — A Product of the Gemini/NOAO Collaboration
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 514
Authors: Cooke, A.; Rodgers, B.
Abstract: In August 2003 NOAO and Gemini began working together to improve the IRAF based data reduction packages used at the two telescopes. Here we report on the GNIRS (Gemini Near Infra-Red Spectrograph) Gemini/IRAF package - one of the first fruits of the collaboration.
The package helps the user generate high quality, calibrated spectra from the raw observations. It supports longslit, cross-dispersed and, experimentally, IFU (Integral Field Unit) observing modes - the processing of different data types is handled automatically, with the user following a similar reduction procedure in all cases. It can also be used as part of an automated pipeline and is generic enough to support other instruments with a similar data format.
This work is based on the earlier NIRI (Near Infra-Red Imager) spectroscopy routines, written by Joe Jensen (Gemini). All the tasks have been rewritten and, although they remain CL scripts, they now call new, compiled tasks to implement common functionality. This gives cleaner, more reliable code and an improved user response.
In this paper we illustrate the flow of data through the package, outlining how GNIRS observations are reduced.
This software was released as part of the Gemini IRAF Package, version 1.7, on October 27th 2004.
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