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Paper: Extinction Curves as a Probe of High-Redshift Metal Enrichment
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 201
Authors: Hirashita, H.; Nozawa, T.; Kozasa, T.; Takeuchi, T.T.
Abstract: We use extinction curves of high-z (z > 5) galaxies to probe the metal enrichment in the early universe. Since at high z (> 5), low-mass stars cannot be dominant sources for dust grains, Type II supernovae (SNe II) and pair instability supernovae (PISNe), whose progenitors are massive stars with short lifetimes, should govern the dust production. Here, we investigate the theoretical extinction curves of dust produced in SNe II and PISNe. We find that the hypothesis that the dust is predominantly formed by SNe at z = 6 is still allowed by the current observational constraints.
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