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Paper: Suprime-Cam LAE Survey at Redshift 7.3 – Ultimate Limit with New Red-Sensitve CCDs
Volume: 399, Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Page: 61
Authors: Iye, M.; Kashikawa, N.; Furusawa, H.; Ota, K.; Ouchi, M.; Shimasaku, K.
Abstract: We plan to make a Suprime-Cam survey for Lyman-α emitters (LAE) at z ∼ 7.3 in the Subaru Deep Field using a new filter NB1006 (λc=1004nm, δλ=21nm) and new red-sensitive CCDs. This would be the ultimate survey feasible with Si-CCDs to break the current limit of the most distant galaxy with secure spectroscopic redshift measurement, IOK-1 at z=7.0 (Iye et al. 2006). The evolution of the Ly-α and UV luminosity functions of LAE population from z=5.7 through z=6.6, 7.0, up to z=7.3 studied by a controlled data set will provide an important constraint on the cosmic reionization history.
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