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Paper: WBUCS: A Web Simulator for Deep Galaxy Fields
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 399
Authors: Magee, D.K.; Bouwens, R.J.; Illingworth, G.D.
Abstract: Today's deep high resolution multiwavelength surveys contain a wealth of information about galaxies at different epochs. Fully exploiting this information to trace out galaxy assembly requires the ability to archive galaxy samples and resimulate these samples at different redshifts. Here we describe some of the tools developed for these ends as well as a simulator now available on the web for demonstration use. Based upon a pixel-by-pixel modeling of object SEDs and their selection volumes, this simulator will provide users with the ability to make realistic multicolor simulations of galaxy fields from galaxy samples at all redshifts: from z ∼ 0 samples selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey to z ∼ 1 — 6 samples selected from the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. Users only need specify the passbands, noise, and PSFs, or equivalently the exposure times on well-known instruments like HST or groundbased telescopes. As such, this simulator will provide the community with a real world virtual observatory, useful both at the proposal stage and for making comparisons with observations in hand. The engine for the simulator is the well-known BUCS (Bouwens' Universe Construction Set) library developed for galaxy evolution studies, while the web interface is analogous to that used for the popular web archives. The purpose of this poster is to introduce this effort to the computational community as a whole.
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