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Paper: MIGALE: Milestones and Roadmap
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 385
Authors: Chilingarian, I.; Prugniel, P.; Flores, H.; Guibert, J.; Haigron, R.; Jegouzo, I.; Royer, F.; Tajahmady, F.; Theureau, G.; Vetois, J.
Abstract: The MIGALE collaboration has existed since 2003. We are maintaining several astronomical databases and telescope archives. We are developing and maintaining the PLEINPOT software package that powers all of our database related projects. We developed prototypes of the tools that would become available in the VO framework in the near future and constitute the “virtual instrumentation” – a set of online tools and facilities for data processing and analysis, devoted to the specific scientific area (evolution of galaxies).
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