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Paper: Linking and Tagging Initiatives at the Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 375
Authors: Schwarz, G.J.
Abstract: At the start of 2005 the Astrophysical Journal will be offering three new linking and tagging options for the electronic edition. The linking projects are in conjunction with partnerships with ADS, CDS, and NED. Authors may use new AASTeX mark up to tag data sets of participating data centers. A common name resolver hosted at ADS verifies the data set tags during copy editing and sends the reader who follows the links to the appropriate data center. A demonstration of this capability can be seen in the September Spitzer ApJ Supplement. In a similar vein we will also support object linking to SIMBAD and NED. For this project we will also query authors to supply the most important objects of their paper during peer review. These object lists will be supplied to the data centers to help them integrate the information into their databases and potentially check for errors. The SIMBAD and NED object web pages that are now created weeks and months after publication at CDS will be also be dynamically added to the navigation bar once they are made available. The final endeavor is a controlled set of major astronomical facility keywords to help organizations track the effectiveness of their telescopes. The ultimate goal of each project is to allow authors to make their papers more useful and to help researchers seamlessly navigate between the journal and the data archives.
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