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Paper: Dust in the High Redshift Universe
Volume: 309, Astrophysics of Dust
Page: 195
Authors: Meurer, G.R.
Abstract: This paper reviews the dust content of the high redshift (z > 2) universe. Studies of the various "species" in the high-z "zoo" show that almost all have strong evidence for containing dust. The one exception, where the evidence is not yet convincing, is in quasar absorption line systems, particularly those with low column density. These may not even be associated with galaxies. The high-z galaxy types which do show evidence for dust are all strongly star forming. Hence, as seen locally, star formation and dust in the distant universe are also strongly correlated. It is beyond debate that star formation at z ~ 3 is dominated by dusty systems who emit most of their bolometric flux in the rest-frame FIR. What is not clear is whether these systems are totally invisible at shorter wavelengths, or whether a large fraction are visible in the rest-frame UV as Lyman Break Galaxies. The issue may not be settled until the sub-mm background is definitively resolved.
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