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Paper: The Outer Cut–Off of the Giant Planet Population and the 6pc–Survey
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 533
Authors: Apai, D.; Meyer, M.R.; Hinz, P.; Kasper, M.
Abstract: We present results from two high–contrast imaging surveys that exploit a novel technique, L–band angular differential imaging. Our first survey targeted 21 young stars in the β Pic and Tuc–Hor moving groups with VLT/NACO reaching typical sensitivities of <1 MJup at r > 20 AU. The statistical analysis of the null result demonstrates that the giant planet population is truncated at 30 AU or less (90% confidence level). Our second, on–going MMT/Clio survey utilizes the unique sensitivity achieved in the L–band for old planets to probe all M–dwarf stars within 6 pc. The proximity of these targets enables direct imaging of planets in orbits like Jupiter for the first time — a key step for directly imaging giant planets.
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