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Paper: The Multi-Object APO Radial-Velocity Exoplanet Large-area Survey (MARVELS)
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 449
Authors: Ge, J.; Mahadevan, S.; Lee, B.; Wan, X.; Zhao, B.; van Eyken, J.; Kane, S.; Guo, P.; Ford, E.; Fleming, S.; Crepp, J.; Cohen, R.; Groot, J.; Galvez, M.C.; Liu, J.; Agol, E.; Gaudi, S.; Ford, H.; Schneider, D.; Seager, S.; Weinberg, D.; Eisenstein, D.
Abstract: The Multi-object APO Radial-Velocity Exoplanet Large-Area Survey (MARVELS), as part of the planned Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) III in 2008-2014, will conduct the largest ground-based Doppler planet survey to date using the SDSS telescope and a new generation of multi-object Doppler instruments with 120 object capability and ∼10-20 m/s Doppler precision. The baseline survey plan is to monitor a total of 11,000 V =8-12 stars (∼10,000 main sequence stars and ∼1000 giant stars) over ∼800 square degrees over the 6 years. The primary goal is to produce a large, statistically well defined sample of giant planets (∼200) drawn from a large and less biased sample of host stars with a diverse set of masses, compositions, and ages for studying the diversity of extrasolar planets and constraining planet formation, migration & dynamical evolution of planetary systems. The survey data will also be used for providing a statistical sample for theoretical comparison and discovering rare systems and identifying signposts for lower-mass or more distant planets.
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