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Paper: An Upper Limit on Star Light Reflected from the Hot Jupiter HD 75289 b
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 397
Authors: Rodler, F.; Kürster, M.
Abstract: Searching for reflected light from hot Jupiters is an interesting approach to obtain information about planetary atmospheres. However, no detection has been made so far. We present our results of a reanalysis of VLT/UT2 UVES data of the planetary system of HD 75289, and find that the published value of the planet-to-star flux ratio was based on erroneous orbital phase information. We establish a new upper limit of the planet-to-star flux ratio of 6.6 × 10−5 (at the 99.9 % confidence level) for an orbital inclination of 60°. Assuming a grey albedo, a Venus like phase function, and a planetary radius of 1.3RJup, this upper limit corresponds to a geometric albedo < 0.35.
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