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Paper: The Consistent Modeling of Alkali Lines and Dust Formation in Extreme Exo–Planets
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 393
Authors: Johnas, C.M.S.; Helling, Ch.; Witte, S.; Dehn, M.; Woitke, P.; Hauschildt, P.H.
Abstract: We present the first PHOENIX (Hauschildt and Baron 1999) model atmosphere results for extreme exo–planets where we have coupled a detailed modeling of the alkali line profiles (Johnas et al. 2006) with non–equilibrium treatment of the chemically heterogeneous dust clouds (DRIFT) (Helling et al. 2007). Our investigation of the Na I D and KI lines show strong differences in shape and depth of the line profiles compared to commonly used impact approximated van der Waals profiles and a previously approximative dust treatment in PHOENIX. Such previous attempts of treating dust in phase equilibrium lead to a much stronger element depletion of the atmospheric gas. Consequently, the modelling of dust formation processes does influence the spectral pseudo–continuum which is determined by the resonance absorption wings of the alkali lines.
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