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Paper: Testing Planet Formation Models with Extrasolar Planets
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 309
Authors: Ford, E.B.
Abstract: The first discoveries of extrasolar planets demonstrated that nature produces a much greater diversity of planetary systems than astronomers had anticipated. In an attempt to explain these surprises, theorists have proposed numerous generalizations to the classical model of planet formation. Recently, researchers have begun testing some of these theories by comparing the predicted distributions of planet periods, eccentricities, and masses to those of the observed population of extrasolar planets. Such comparisons are becoming increasingly powerful thanks to the increasing number of known planets, improving measurement precision, increasing temporal baselines, and improving capability to control for detection biases. Here, we discuss some of the orbital properties of the extrasolar planet population based on a systematic analysis of radial velocity planets and discuss implications for the formation and evolution of planetary systems.
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