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Paper: Dynamical Relaxation by Planet-Planet Interactions as the Origin of Exoplanet Eccentricity Distribution
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 295
Authors: Juric, M.; Tremaine, S.
Abstract: The known extrasolar planets exhibit much higher eccentricities than planets in the Solar System. The origin of such high eccentricities is not understood. In this contribution, we propose late-stage dynamical relaxation by planet-planet interactions as an eccentricity excitation mechanism. This mechanism was recently shown to reproduce the observed eccentricity distribution in initially dynamically active systems (Juric & Tremaine 2007; Chatterjee et al. 2007). We also discuss other observationally testable predictions of this model, such as the distribution of inclinations, and correlations of eccentricity, mass, number of planets and semimajor axis.
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