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Paper: Evaporation of Hot Jupiters: Constraints from Observations
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 275
Authors: Lecavalier des Etangs, A.
Abstract: Here we describe the observations and the resulting constraints on the evaporation of the ”Hot-Jupiters”. The observations allowed the discovery that the planet orbiting HD209458 has an extended atmosphere of escaping hydrogen and showed the presence of oxygen and carbon at very high altitude. This observations give unique constraints on the escape rate and mechanism in the atmosphere of these planets. The most recent Lyman-alpha HST observations of HD189733b allows for the first time to compare the evaporation from two different planets in different environments. Models to quantify the escape rate from the measured occultation depths, and an energy diagram to describe the evaporation state of Hot-Jupiters are presented. Using this diagram, it is shown that few already known planets could be remnants of formerly giant planets.
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