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Paper: Planets in Binaries from Radial Velocity Searches
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 187
Authors: Desidera, S.
Abstract: Planets in binary systems are crucial for the determination of global planet frequency, more than half of solar type stars being in multiple systems, and to understand the effects of dynamical environment on the formation and evolution of planetary systems. In spite of selection biases against binaries in most of radial velocity surveys, several planets in multiple systems have been discovered. I summarize their properties and the differences with respect to those orbiting single stars. I then describe the on-going radial velocity surveys that specifically target binary systems, focusing my attention on the the radial velocity survey on going at TNG. I also discuss the second goal of this project beside planet detection, the search for abundance anomalies caused by the ingestion of planetary material by the central star. Finally, I present a preliminary discussion of the frequency of planets in binary systems and its dependence on binary separation considering the uniform detectability sample by Fischer & Valenti 2005 and the SARG sample and the implications of these results.
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