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Paper: Limits on Planets Around Pulsating White Dwarf Stars
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 163
Authors: Mullally, F.; Winget, D.E.; Degennaro, S.; Jeffery, E.; Thompson, S.E.; Chandler, D.; Kepler, S.O.
Abstract: We present results from an on-going search for planetary companions around pulsating white dwarf stars. A subset of these stars exhibit extreme stability in the amplitude and phase of some of their pulsation modes; a planet can be detected around such a star by searching for periodic variations in the arrival time of these pulsations. We show limits on companions greater than a few Jupiter masses for two stars from our initial sample of 15. One star shows a variation in arrival time consistent with a 2MJ planet in a 4.5 year orbit.
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