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Paper: An HST Imaging Survey of Cluster and Field White Dwarfs for Self-Luminous Giant Planets
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 155
Authors: Zinnecker, H.; Kitsionas, S.
Abstract: We report on our HST/NICMOS angular differential imaging survey of white dwarfs in the Hyades cluster and discuss the prospects of imaging Jupiter-mass companions around nearby field white dwarfs. The recent discoveries of radial velocity planets in orbit around red giants and now also the planet detection on a hot sdB extreme horizontal branch star suggest that angular differential imaging searches for planets around white dwarfs remain promising, especially with MIRI/JWST, despite the negative results so far. We also briefly report here on simple numerical simulations of the orbital evolution of a planet upon post-main sequence (AGB) mass loss of its host star.
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