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Paper: Properties of Planets Around G, K Giants
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 67
Authors: Sato, B.; Izumiura, H.; Toyota, E.; Kambe, E.; Ikoma, M.; Omiya, M.; Masuda, S.; Takeda, Y.; Murata, D.; Itoh, Y.; Ando, H.; Yoshida, M.; Kokubo, E.; Ida, S.
Abstract: We have been carrying out precise Doppler surveys of G, K giants to search for planets around intermediate-mass (1.5–5M) stars within the framework of international collaboration between China, Korea, and Japan. The number of targets at these sites is now about 1000 in total. We here describe the current status of our project and discuss the properties of planets around evolved stars, especially around clump giants. All of the substellar companions ever discovered around possible intermediate-mass clump giants have semimajor axes larger than 0.7 AU. When we assume that most of the clump giants are post-RGB stars, short-period planets around them might have been engulfed by the central stars at the tip of RGB due to tidal force.
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