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Paper: Planets Around Massive Subgiants
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 59
Authors: Johnson, J.A.
Abstract: Compared to planets around Sun–like stars, relatively little is known about the occurrence rate and orbital properties of planets around stars more massive than 1.3 M. The apparent deficit of planets around massive stars is due to a strong selection bias against early–type dwarfs in Doppler–based planet searches. One method to circumvent the difficulties inherent to massive main–sequence stars is to instead observe them after they have evolved onto the subgiant branch. We show how the cooler atmospheres and slower rotation velocities of subgiants make them ideal proxies for F– and A–type stars in Doppler–based planet searches. We present the early results from our planet search that reveal a paucity of planets orbiting within 1 AU of stars more massive than 1.5M, and evidence of a rising trend in giant planet occurrence with stellar mass.
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