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Paper: PRL Advanced Radial-Velocity All-Sky Search (PARAS)
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 41
Authors: Chakraborty, A.; Mahadevan S.; Richardson, E.H.
Abstract: We present the basic design concept for PARAS, a fiber-fed high resolution (R≈70,000) echelle spectrograph to be used for radial velocity searches for exoplanets. PARAS is being designed to achieve a precision of 3 − 5 m/s using the simultaneous Thorium-Argon calibration technique with a separate reference fiber, and will be enclosed in a evacuated vessel whose temperature is stable to better than ±0.1 degrees Celsius. This spectrograph will be installed at the Mt. Abu 1.2m telescope in India and will see first light in March 2009. We anticipate that this telescope instrument combination will be able to achieve a velocity precision of a few m/s up to a magnitude of V=10, with access to over 100 nights of observing time per year. The design of PARAS allows single- shot wavelength coverage of 370-810 nm for the stars fiber alone, or 370-680 nm coverage if the simultaneous Th-Ar mode is used.
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