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Paper: Multiple-Planet Systems and a Jupiter Analog
Volume: 398, Extreme Solar Systems
Page: 27
Authors: Wright, J.T.
Abstract: The number of known multiple-exoplanet systems now stands at more than twenty. I present some new systems and discuss the trends that are beginning to emerge from this sample. M dwarfs, although less likely to harbor a detected exoplanet, seem to show extremely high rates of multiplicity. Close-in planets are apparently overrepresented in single planet systems, and low-mass planets are apparently overrepresented among multi-planet systems. The distribution of eccentricities of exoplanets in multiple planet systems does not seem to differ significantly from that of exoplanets in single systems, but a strong correlation between exoplanet mass and eccentricity exists. Finally, I present the best Jupiter analog to date, HD 154345b.
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