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Paper: Preprocessing of Hinode/SOT Vector Magnetograms for Nonlinear Force-Free Coronal Magnetic Field Modeling
Volume: 397, First Results From Hinode
Page: 198
Authors: Wiegelmann, T.; Thalmann, J.K.; Schrijver, C.J.; DeRosa, M.L.; Metcalf, T.R.
Abstract: The solar magnetic field is key to understanding the physical processes in the solar atmosphere. Nonlinear force-free codes have been shown to be useful in extrapolating the coronal field from underlying vector boundary data (for an overview see Schrijver et al. (2006)). However, we can only measure the magnetic field vector routinely with high accuracy in the photosphere with, e.g., Hinode/SOT, and unfortunately these data do not fulfill the force-free consistency condition as defined by Aly (1989). We must therefore apply some transformations to these data before nonlinear force-free extrapolation codes can be legitimately applied. To this end, we have developed a minimization procedure that uses the measured photospheric field vectors as input to approximate a more chromospheric like field (The method was dubbed preprocessing. See Wiegelmann et al. (2006) for details). The procedure includes force-free consistency integrals and spatial smoothing. The method has been intensively tested with model active regions (see Metcalf et al. 2008) and been applied to several ground based vector magnetogram data before. Here we apply the preprocessing program to photospheric magnetic field measurements with the Hinode/SOT instrument.
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