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Paper: A Java Thick Client User Interface for Grid Processing
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 296
Authors: Hesselroth, T.
Abstract: A user interface (CAPRI) which is configurable at runtime has been developed which allows application features to be maintained and upgraded on a central server, available to users without the need for reinstalling software. The user interface is specified by an XML file accessed through a URL and parsed by the open-source SWIX library, which returns a completely laid-out container with the applications controls. A set of generic model-view-controller-actions classes are also instantiated by the CAPRI package based on parsing of the input XML file. Hierarchical relationships present in the XML file are reflected in membership relationships among the classes. An event-driven architecture with a central event handler allows for convenient extensibility. Client/server software is based on the Java Web Services package with SOAP message passing. The server has access to data and computing resources and brokers the requested computation. Sun Grid Engine software is used to manage the cluster of processing nodes. This application has been deployed at the Spitzer Science Center to allow rapid interactive processing of science data.
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