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Paper: The AstroGrid Common Execution Architecture (CEA)
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 291
Authors: Harrison, P.; Winstanley, N.; Taylor, J.D.
Abstract: The UK Virtual Observatory (VO) project AstroGrid (see http:/ / and related talks at this meeting) began in 2001 and is nearing the successful completion of its first release in December 2004.
This paper describes AstroGrid's Common Execution Architecture (CEA). This is an attempt to create a reasonably small set of interfaces and schema to model how to execute a typical astronomical application within the VO.
The CEA has been designed primarily to work within a web services framework, with the parameter passing mechanism layered on top of this so that the web interface for all applications is described by a single constant piece of WSDL - the differences between applications are expressed by the registry entries for each application. Within AstroGrid we have created pluggable components that can wrap legacy command-line applications, HTTP GET/POST applications and databases as CEA compliant web services, which when combined with the Astrogrid Workflow component make distributed processing within the VO a reality. See for current information.
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