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Paper: Integration of an MPP System and Astrophysical Applications in the INFN-GRID
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 287
Authors: Costa, A.; Calanducci, A.S.; Becciani, U.
Abstract: We are going to present the middleware changes we have made to integrate an IBM-SP parallel computer into the INFN-GRID and the results of the application runs made on the IBM-SP to test its operation within the grid. The IBM-SP is an 8-processor 1.1 GHz machine using the AIX 5.2 operating system. Its hardware architecture represents a major challenge for integration into the grid infrastructure because it does not support the LCFGng (Local ConFiGuration system Next Generation) facilities. In order to obtain the goal without the advantages of the LCFGng server (RPM based), we properly tuned and compiled the middleware on the IBM-SP: in particular, we installed the Grid Services toolkit and a scheduler for job execution and monitoring. The testing phase was successfully passed by submitting a set of MPI jobs through the grid onto the IBM-SP. Specifically the tests were made by using MARA, a public code for the analysis of light curve sequences, that was made accessible through the Astrocomp portal, a web based interface for astrophysical parallel codes. The IBM-SP integration into the INFN-GRID did not require us to stop production on the system. It can be considered as a demonstration case for the integration of machines using different operating systems.
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