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Paper: Multi-strand Hydrodynamic Modeling of Nanoflare-Heated Coronal Loops
Volume: 397, First Results From Hinode
Page: 68
Authors: Walsh, R.W.; Sarkar, A.; Noglik, J.B.
Abstract: There is a building body of evidence that the loops we observe with current instrumentation actually consist of many sub-resolution elements. Hence, this paper presents a “global loop” as 125 individual plasma strands where each strand is modelled independently by a one-dimensional hydrodynamic simulation. The energy release mechanism across the strands consists of localised, discrete heating events (nanoflares) and the strands are “coupled” together through the frequency distribution of this energy input which follows a power law distribution.The dependence of the global loop temperature upon the power-law index is investigated and the implications of these results upon future observing campaigns is discussed.
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