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Paper: A Parallel Code Analysis of Light Curve Sequences of Magnetically Active Close Binaries through the Astrocomp-grid Portal
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 282
Authors: Becciani, U.; Lanza, A.F.; Costa, A.; Rodono, M.
Abstract: We present some results of the analysis of long-term light curve sequences of magnetically active close binaries by means of a numerical parallel code made available through the Astrocomp web portal. The code looks for the best values of the photometric parameters and evaluates their confidence intervals for eclipsing binaries with cool spots on their surface. Cool spots produce distortions of the light curves that may induce systematic errors in the luminosity ratio, the fractionary radii of the component stars and the inclination of the orbital plane. Our method reduces the impact of spots on the determination of such parameters by simultaneously fitting a long-term sequence of data along which the spots' coverage and distribution show remarkable changes (cf. Rodonìo et al. 2001). The large amount of computational work required, is managed by means of a parallel code based on MPI. The code is going to be made available through a web-based user-friendly interface called Astrocomp.
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