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Paper: On-orbit Performance of the Solar Optical Telescope aboard Hinode
Volume: 397, First Results From Hinode
Page: 5
Authors: Ichimoto, K.; Katsukawa, Y.; Tarbell, T.; Shine, R.A.; Hoffmann, C.; Berger, T.; Cruz, T.; Suematsu, Y.; Tsuneta, S.; Shimizu, T.; Lites, B.W.
Abstract: On-orbit performance of the Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) aboard Hinode is described with some attention to its unpredicted aspects. In general, SOT reveals an excellent performance and has been providing outstanding data. Some unexpected features exist, however, in behaviours of the focus position, throughput and structural stability. Most of them are recovered by the daily operation i.e., frequent focus adjustment, careful heater setting and corrections in data analysis. The tunable filter contains air bubbles which degrade the data quality significantly. Schemes for tuning the filter without disturbing the bubbles have been developed and tested, and some useful procedures to obtain Dopplergrams and magnetograms are now available. October and March, when the orbit of satellite becomes nearly perpendicular to the direction towards the Sun, provide a favourable condition for continuous runs of the narrow-band filter imager.
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