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Paper: Deploying the AstroGrid: Science Use Ready
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 273
Authors: Walton, N.A.; Harrison, P.A.; Richards, A.M.S.; Hill, M.C.
Abstract: AstroGrid (see, a UK eScience project with collaborating groups drawn from the major UK data archive centres, is creating the UK's Virtual Observatory. In order to ensure rapid user feedback AstroGrid is fully deploying each iteration release, connected to relevant data and application products, in such a fashion as to allow scientific use of that release. The early users are primarily the science advisory group and now the beta tester communities of the project.
The scientific functionality of the current (Sep. 2004) deployment is highlighted. This includes access to a sophisticated workflow capability. Its use in allowing image extraction from multiple image datasets, input photometry file creation, redshift determination, and visualisation for the outputs to allow discovery of high redshift objects is described. Further examples show the use of the latest Astrophysical Data Query language standard and how it is being used to enable large data queries of remote databases in searching for low mass objects in the Pleiades with results returned to a virtual “MySpace” user storage area, where further visualisation and processing can be performed.
We note how the deployed system is being tested by the science community, and how that comment and feedback is vital in informing the project as to future releases including the January 2005 “AstroGrid Release 1”.
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