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Paper: Additional Software Required for Robotic Telescopes
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 705
Authors: Kubánek, P.; Vítek, S.; Castro–Tirado, A.; Jelínek, M.; French, J.; Nekola, M.
Abstract: We have spent a considerable amount of time developing, installing and monitoring an open–source package for observatory control, primarily aimed at fast GRB follow–up observations. We have integrated some image processing steps inside our observatory control system and have obtained and published interesting results. But we know we currently miss a lot of interesting events. There are many desired features missing from our software. As we cannot find any commercially available solutions for these, we develop our own solutions. This is of course more solutions for those, we develop our own solutions. That is of course more difficult then using an available one. The list includes pure Java astronomical calculation library, a web interface for robotic telescope (RT), a global RT planner and scheduler with a display of the instrument’s status and the observations. All items are presented in this paper.
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