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Paper: The NOAO NEWFIRM Data Handling System
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 677
Authors: Zarate, N.; Fitzpatrick, M.
Abstract: The NOAO Extremely Wide-Field IR Mosaic (NEWFIRM) is a new 1-2.4 micron IR camera that is now being commissioned for the 4m Mayall telescope at Kitt Peak. The focal plane consists of a 2x2 mosaic of 2048x2048 arrays offerring a field-of-view of 27.6’ on a side. The use of dual MONSOON array controllers permits very fast readout, a scripting interface allows for highly efficient observing modes. We describe the Data Handling System (DHS) for the NEWFIRM camera which is designed to meet the performance requirements of the instrument as well as the observing environment in which in operates. It is responsible for receiving the data stream from the detector and instrument software, rectifying the image geometry, presenting a real-time display of the image to the user, final assembly of a science-grade image with complete headers, as well as triggering automated pipeline and archival functions. The DHS uses an event-based messaging system to control multiple processes on a distributed network of machines. The asynchronous nature of this processing means the DHS operates independently from the camera readout and the design of the system is inherently scalable to larger focal planes that use a greater number of array controllers. Current status and future plans for the DHS are also discussed.
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