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Paper: Algorithms to Model the Multi-Object Spectrograph JWST/NIRSpec Instrument
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 673
Authors: Gnata, X.; Ferruit, P.
Abstract: The near-infrared multi-object spectrograph NIRSpec will be a major piece of the instrument suite of the future James Webb space telescope (JWST). In its multi-object spectroscopy mode, NIRSpec will allow the JWST users to obtain spectra in the 0.6 to 5.0μm range of more than 100 objects over a 9 square arcminute field of view in a single exposure. As part of the NIRSpec project led by EADS/Astrium and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), we are developing a complete model of the instrument taking into account both optical aberrations and diffraction effects (based on the Fourier optics formalism). One major challenge is to describe accurately all the modes of this complex instrument over more than three octaves in wavelength whilst keeping the software complexity, computation time and memory needs within reasonable limits. In this paper we will describe the model being used, remarking on the problems that have been encountered and the solutions that have been implemented.
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