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Paper: A Metadata Layer to Enable VO-compliant Access to the ESO/ST-ECF Archive
Volume: 347, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIV
Page: 257
Authors: Sforna, D.; Micol, A.
Abstract: The Metadata Layer is built around a centralized repository from where metadata can be retrieved. The existence of this repository is a key point for offering archive services in the VO frame, allowing us to provide a better data characterization in a comprehensive and homogeneous way. At the same time we are also building for our services a web service interface, together with the traditional HTML pages designed for human consumption. The ST-ECF Instrumental Characteristics Service (Micol 2005) is one example where both the metadata layer and the new VO interface are already in place. The service provides a match between characteristics of standard bandpasses and the ones of real filters mounted on ESO/HST instruments. The output for matching filters is offered both via a web service and in an HTML page. The web service is used to retrieve at once in VOTable format all the data for the matching filters together with a set of standardized metadata. We will show usage examples for the Instrumental Characteristics and other ST-ECF services, focusing on the new access possibilities and on the advantages of a hybrid interface.
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