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Paper: The Ground Segment Data Processing System of the SuperAGILE instrument
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 593
Authors: Lazzarotto, F.; Costa, E.; Del Monte, E.; Donnarumma, I.; Evangelista, Y.; Feroci, M.; Lapshov, I.; Pacciani, L.; Soffitta, P.
Abstract: The SuperAGILE instrument is a X-ray detector for Astrophysics measurement, part of the Italian satellite AGILE launched on 23/04/2007 from India. SuperAGILE is aimed to study the sky in the 18 - 60 KeV energy band and can detect sources with good imaging, spectral and timing capabilities. The data processing scientific software performing at the AGILE Ground Segment is divided in modules, grouped in a processing pipeline named SASOA. The processing steps can be summarized in data reduction, photonlist building, sources extraction and single source refined analysis.
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