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Paper: EURECA Software
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 585
Authors: Rohlfs, R.; Bussons, J.; Carrera, F.J.; Ceballos, M.; den Herder, J.W.; de Korte, P.; van der Kuur, J.; Paltani, S.; Rodon, J.R.; Schuurmans, J.
Abstract: EURECA (EURopEan Calorimeter Array) is a project to develop a fully functional instrument based on transition edge sensors (TES). It shall demonstrate technical readiness for a detector which can be used in the X-ray missions of the next years, like XEUS and EDGE. The produced amount of data can be up to 10 MByte per second, depending on the mode of the instrument. To process and to analyze the data of this EURECA instrument, specific software has to be developed in order to reach the goal of the project: an energy resolution of 1 eV at 1 KeV. On the one hand the software has to be flexible and modular to test several algorithms, on the other hand it should be a straightforward pipeline system to analyze the same data set with different parameters and compare the results. Furthermore display tools to display scientific raw data, housekeeping data and the results of the analysis are required. These display tools will be used for quick look analysis as well as during off-line analysis.
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