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Paper: ALMA Pipeline Heuristics
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 573
Authors: Lightfoot, J.; Kosugi, G.; Wyrowski, F.; Zapata, L.; Muders, D.; Boone, F.; Tsutsumi, T.; Davis, L.; Wilson, C.; Shepherd, D.
Abstract: The ALMA Pipeline Heuristics system is being developed to reduce automatically data taken with the standard observing modes. The goals are to make ALMA comfortable to use for astronomers who are new to radio interferometry and to provide reduced results of publishable quality. The reduction sequence will continue to develop as experience is gained at the telescope, so it is important that the system has a framework and interface that are flexible and easy to use. Observing modes to be handled include single field interferometry, mosaics, single dish ‘on the fly’ maps, and combinations of these. The data will be produced by the main ALMA array, the Alma Compact Array, and single dish antennas. The reduction sequence is logged to a collection of html files that can examined using a standard browser for verification of the process. The reduction is performed by a Python script and classes bound to the CASA libraries.
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