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Paper: An Automatic Method to Determine the Degree of Flocculence of a Galaxy
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 497
Authors: Dumoncel, J.; Campedel, M.; Maitre, H.; Baillard, A.; Bertin, E.; de Lapparent, V.; Mellier, Y.; Fouqué, P.; Le J.-F.; Borgne, Pelló, R.; Makarov, D.; Makarova, L.; Prugniel, P.; Arnouts, S.
Abstract: We propose a new method to determine the flocculence of a galaxy image. Flocculence is characterized by a texture feature computed using a bank of Gabor filters. These filters, inspired by the human visual system, uniformly cover the spatial-frequency domain. Texture features are obtained by extracting statistics from sub-windows in the filtered images. Flocculent regions are then detected using a machine learning approach. First results are presented on the EFIGI dataset.
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