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Paper: The Distributed Archive for the LBC/LBT Science Demonstration Time
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 442
Authors: Smareglia, R.; Gasparo, F.; Manzato, P.; Fontana, A.; Thompson, D.; Gredel, R.
Abstract: The LBT Telescope is a corporation with partners in the USA, Germany and Italy. Following the successful start of the LBC blue commissioning in October 2006, the LBT Board decided to start scientific operations by opening an LBC ”Science Demonstration Time” (SDT) starting in January 2007. One critical point was the simultaneous and secure distribution of the data acquired between all partners as fast as possible. To do this the experiences at the IA2 (Italian Center for Astronomical Archive) with the TNG and LBC archives were used to develop a wide distributed archive system between three main Data Centers (Tucson, Trieste and Heidelberg) and an LBC Italian Scientific Center in Rome. Data are available to the SDT community within 24 hours from their acquisition. An additional feature is the possibility to add and spread auxiliary metadata derived from a post-processing pipeline between all three Data Centers. This experience was very successful and will be used to design and develop the LBT spread archive.
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