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Paper: Chandra Data Processing Relational Database Applications: Metrics to On-the-Fly Data Restoration
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 410
Authors: Morgan, D.L.; Anderson, C.S.; Nichols, J.S.; Mitschang, A.W.; Mendygral, P.J.
Abstract: The MySQL based relational database used by the Chandra data operations software application Telemetry Tracker 9000 (TT9) has proven to have many useful applications beyond its initial purpose aiding data quality testing of Chandra data. We have developed a multi-tab Perl/Tk GUI application with embedded MySQL functioning as a front end and this user interface with the addition of new database tables and TT9 modules provides visibility into all aspects of data operations including processing, reprocessing, realtime data flow, and metrics. The database is easily extensible and has been used to respond to the changing needs of the Chandra mission while at the same time providing a history of Chandra data operations from the beginning of the mission. The types of data stored in the database, the software design of the operational GUI, and examples of current and potential future uses of the database will be presented.
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