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Paper: A Novel GUI Based Interactive Work Flow Application for Exploratory and Batch Processing of Light Curves
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 357
Authors: Morikawa, E.; Dave, R.; Protopapas, P.
Abstract: Current methodologies for extracting desired data from light curves involves a complicated process that is often not portable to other projects or other disciplines. To create a more generic environment to easily filter, correct, and clean light-curve data from a myriad of sources; we have developed an XML based work-flow application which allows for a standard, yet scalable and flexible way to handle light curve processing. Wrapped in a Python powered interactive GUI, this application offers astronomers an environment to easily experiment with various light curve filtering techniques. Once a favorable filtering process is discovered, the sequence of filters can be stored, reused, and then applied in batch to large set of raw light curves.
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