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Paper: FITSTBLVIS - A Generic Binary FITS Table Visualization Tool
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 335
Authors: de Jong, J.A.
Abstract: FITSTBLVIS is a GUI based application with which one can easily examine the structure of binary FITS tables and plot their contents with interactive charts. These interactive charts are provided as plugins with a specific function. The currently available plugins can plot a time series of a large dataset with realtime data compression, or overplot the rows of a 2D array (e.g., for a time series of spectra). They can be connected to a specific binary FITS table by means of a common GUI panel in which the user selects the table columns to plot and an optional mathematical expression for preprocessing. Each chart configuration can be saved along with the identification of the file, which enables the user to create a set of standard charts for a certain data format. Furthermore, snapshots of charts can be saved in PDF files. FITSTBLVIS is written in Java and there is an API available for developing additional plugins using the JFreeChart library.
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