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Paper: A Java Image Contour Algorithm for Herschel DP
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 315
Authors: Regibo, S.; Vandenbussche, B.; De Meester, W.
Abstract: The image visualization in the Herschel Data Processing system needed to be extended with a functionality to make contour plots for sky images, as the underlying JSky library currently being used, does not support this. We developed Java code that generates contours as polygons, which can be overlayed on an image by passing them to the JSky annotation framework. The algorithm is a variation on the contour plotting algorithm of Snyder (1978) and is based on linear interpolation. We describe the algorithm graphically, show some results of the contour plotting and explain briefly how the algorithm fits into the overall image visualization framework. The algorithm and its Java implementation can be used in a wide range of software projects, in which a performant and robust contour plotting functionality is required.
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