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Paper: BaSTI: the Virtual Observatory Meets the Computational Grid
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 285
Authors: Pasian, F.; Taffoni, G.; Vuerli, C.; Manzato, P.; Gasparo, F.; Cassisi, S.; Pietrinfermi, A.; Salaris, M.
Abstract: We present the prototype of the new BaSTI web portal. This portal is a GRID and Virtual Observatory integrated facility that allows to exploit the computational and storage capabilities of the EGEE-II GRID environment from a Virtual Observatory compliant web portal. This facility provides data access to large sets of stellar evolution models, it is also able to create on-the-fly models submitting a large number of jobs on the GRID and collecting the results. This portal is a first example of a service that is able to bridge two different GRID environments: the Virtual Observatory and the EGEE-II computational and data GRID.
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