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Paper: The AstroGrid Virtual Observatory Service
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 251
Authors: Walton, N.A.; the AstroGrid Consortium
Abstract: AstroGrid is the UKs Virtual Observatory System. After an initial release in April 2005, the new October 2007 beta release offers a number of significant new capabilities, helping the astronomer find, get and work with a wide range of astrophysical data. In particular a major new user interface is presented, the VOExplorer, which provides simple yet powerful methods to locate data resources in the Virtual Observatory, and once selected, offer the user options as to how to use these resources. VOExplorer is accompanied by a range of applications through the VODesktop suite which help the scientist work with the data that they discover through the VO. This paper updates on the current status of AstroGrid as it prepares for a full operational roll-out in Spring 2008.
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