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Paper: RISA: Remote Interface for Science Analysis
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 183
Authors: Gabriel, C.; Ibarra, A.; de la Calle, I.; Salgado, J.; Osuna, P.; Tapiador, D.
Abstract: The Scientific Analysis System (SAS) is the package for interactive and pipeline data reduction of all XMM-Newton data. Freely distributed by ESA to run under many different operating systems, the SAS has been used by almost every one of the 1600 refereed scientific publications obtained so far from the mission. We are developing RISA, the Remote Interface for Science Analysis, which makes it possible to run SAS through fully configurable web service workflows, enabling observers to access and analyse data making use of all of the existing SAS functionalities, without any installation/download of software/data. The workflows run primarily but not exclusively on the ESAC Grid, which offers scalable processing resources, directly connected to the XMM-Newton Science Archive. A first project internal version of RISA was issued in May 2007, a public release is expected already within this year.
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