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Paper: LSB Galaxies Detection Using Markovian Segmentation on Astronomical Images
Volume: 394, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems (ADASS) XVII
Page: 125
Authors: Louys, M.; Perret, B.; Vollmer, B.; Bonnarel, F.; Lefevre, S.; Collet, Ch.
Abstract: We have designed a new technique for the detection of Low Surface Brightness galaxies based on local background/source separation using Markovian analysis. This method helps to estimate smooth local variations of the background and therefore allows for determining source candidates as faint as LSB galaxies. For each source an average density profile is computed, the shape of which can help to sort out stars and bright objects. A list of LSB candidates is provided, for which position, profile and surface brightness are examined thoroughly. The results are very promising. This approach has been compared to the SExtractor source detection tool and to a previous original analysis by S. Sabatini et al. on the same INT image dataset of the Virgo Cluster. Detection rate, source selection criteria and calculation loop improvements are discussed.
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